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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  February 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? welcome back to "morning joe." it's time to talk about what we learned today. mika, what did you learn? >> i learned to the former secretary of state madeleine albright is the empress of research, according to my father. >> wrote a pretty darn great book. >> i learned chuck todd is like
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the mario andretti of nbc. every time he gets near joe biden's house, he slams on the accelerate. >> keep going. >> apparently a full solar eclipse in tennessee today. >> that's true. good point. >> they really should change that studio background. >> and madeleine albright, what did you learn today? >> as i listened, i learned that joe really does listen to other media. >> oh. >> i do. >> and sees the negative impact have on his party. >> five out of six, baby. mika, it's way too early, what time? ? >> it's time for the "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. have a great day. >> the pressure cooker, president obama tries to turn up the heat on congress again. this time it's because there are just days left before those automatic spending cuts kick in.
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will a public push help the deal come together or just make everybody dig in their heels? meanwhile, the dynamic debt dee owe the simpson-bowles, they have a revised blueprint for a deal they say will cost $1 trillion more than it would in 2010. they're going to be here later to tell us about it. and will there be a path back to public life for mark sanford? the former governor wants to head back to grease. good morning from new york. it's tuesday, february 19th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. keep sending in your good morning greetings. we didn't have arable ones for today, but we want to hear from everybody that's watching today. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. with ten days left to prevent $5 billion in automatic spending
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cuts for the year kicking in, today we're going to get a taste of the president's end game. the white house plans to use that to at least reap political benefits if it goes into effect. less than two hours from now, the president will be surrounded by merge responders who could lose their jobs, described as the kinds of americans whose jobs are on the line if republicans fail to compromise on a bland solution. last week she warned budget cuts should affect survivors recovering from hurricane sandy. you can see where this is going. today it's first responders. tomorrow could be military families. day after should be essential government workers could be furloughed. the president has the power of public persuasion. speaker boehner responded, saying it's up to the senate to pass a vote. we agree the sequester is a bad
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way to cut spending. that's why we've planned to replace it with -- house republicans have not reintroduced a plan during this congress so they don't have one on the table. and congress won't return from a ten-day break until next week, leaving just four working days to come up with a solution. congressional republicans sound more and more like they are willing to let sequester happen, at least temporarily. >> i believe it's going to take place. there's no leadership on the other side of the aisle and therefore no agreement. >> let me be very clear and i'd say it to the president as i say it to you. these spending cuts are going to go through on march 1st. >> okay. they can say that, and here's why. because even if sequester does take effect, it may be able to be fixed before long. senator chuck schumer tipped his hand about how democrats plan to negotiate. >> i think that democrats have the high ground both substantively and politically and we will win on this issue.
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whether it's right on the eve of sequestration or if god forbid it has to take effect for a few days, the devastating effects will be so strong, the president will be out there on his bully pulpit, that i believe republicans will come onboard. >> that bully bull pit, we're seeing a taste of it today. remember government runs out of all funding on march 27th. morning bowles and simpson will be here and are pushing for a rolling out a $2.5 trillion plan to reduce the white house deficit. it's roughly a quarter of those savings, 600 billion dollars comes from savings from a detailed list of reforms to healthcare programs. another 600 billion dollars comes from new revenue/taxes. the remaining $2.1 trillion coming from a mandatory spending cuts, and other changes like adopting the so-called chain
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cpi, cost of living increases, a measure of inflation which the president had been open to but other democrats oppose. we're going to get more details on that from simpsons and bowles in a few minutes. when you quickly look at it, it's 3-1 cuts to taxes, probably a little more like what the president's talking versus what congressional republicans say they would do now when no more taxes are on the table. it is crucial to create the illusion of a distinction between anything the president is proposing and a bill they support. florida senator marco rubio's description as dead on arrival may be just what's needed to ensure its survival. follow me here. what the white house and rubio's proposal support, an expedited pathway for students brought to the u.s. illegally as children, and both say undocumented immigrants should submit to
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backseat taxes and learn english. rubio's strategy has been to play up his differences with the white house as much as possible, and it's not hard to guess why. >> he's been on the cover of time magazine, anointed the savior of the republican party. that's a lot of pressure. and i'm sure he has heard from memberships of the republican party, some of whom do not want to be saved with the kind of immigration reform he has in find. >> an obama plan led and driven by obama in this atmosphere with the level of hostility with the president and the way he goads the hostilely, i think it's going to be very hard to pass. >> if the president proposes legislation, do you think it will fail? >> of course. of course it will. >> so you see where this is going. if you're a republican supporting immigration reform you eagerly want to highlight any differences with the white house. on the other hand if you're an opponent of immigration reform, your goal is to point out how similar the poems are.
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case in point, he writes this. the point of leaking the bill is to enable rubio to say that his amnesty plan is different than the dastardly obama plan even though they're identical in the only point that matters, amnesty for all. he's been a big critic, but keep in mind there is a lot of mur similarity than there is disagreement. a lot of this is political smoke in mirrors. finally tote senate retirement watch. he announced he will not run for re-election next year. johanns and his wife announced their plans in a letter, quote, as we think about our next stage of our lives, we want to quiet our time and focus on each other and our family and faith. johanns denied that senate dysfunction is pushing him out. >> i've been asked since the plane landed, you know, what was
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the motivating factor? and i'll just tell you there was no one single motivating factor at all. quite honestly i've enjoyed my time in the senate. >> a few interesting facts at johanns. he's one of two republicans who come out in sft of chuck hagel. he's a former bush cabinet member who belonged to the bipartisan group of eight who was trying to achieve deficit reduction. former governors have notoriously hated the senate even when the senate worked and they're more likely to complain about the senate now. and ask yourself, and the senate 2016 going to be better off without someone like johanns. that gang of eight, two of the former republicans, saxby chambliss. they had a nasty republican fight two years ago, and necessarily governor heineman decides to run, and he seems
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likely, if he doesn't, there will be another brutal fight. he acknowledged to the omaha world monday that the situation is different now because term limit. i don't think i've ever indicated that being in the sate is my amber job but those i have to look at it. others include state treasurer and always thinking about it, candidate don stenberg. he's run for the senate four times. then congressman jeff fortenberry. if heineman doesn't run, gop's likely to struggle with same candidate issues as iowa and georgia, brings the number of senate retirements to five. it's been more of a surprise that the two republicans, chambliss, who was becoming a bigger player in the senate and johanns after one term are heading for the exit. up next, the florida freshman who won a seat in congress 20
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years after her first try. meet the knew series, it continues, she's got a lot on her plate. plus america's favorite fiscal friendship will be here, simpson and bowles, whether they dance will be another story. their new debt plan, but how is this blueprint any different from the last one, and can they get anybody onboard? everybody said they loved the idea and nobody supported it. first, today's politics planner. you can see the president's big event at 10:45. vp biden as a facebook town hall on guns today. watching the "the daily rundown" only on msnbc msnbc. marco rubio is still in the middle east. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
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in congress, i'll strengthen social security, defend medicare, and protect women's healthcare. my record is clear. i always take your side, always. >> that was florida freshman congresswoman, well, now congresswoman lois frankel. she's no stranger to politics. she was first elected to the florida statehouse in 1986. after six years in office she decided to make a bid for the u.s. house, losing to hastings. she returned in 1994 and became the first minority leader in state history. she ran for mayor of west palm beach, beating the incumbent. 2011 frankel announced she would
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challenge tea party leader and got the backing of nancy pelosi. she decided to run in the 18th district, making it an open race, and republican adam hasker. 20 years after losing her first bid, she pulled out a victory. lois frankel, i know the area well. congresswoman, thanks for being on this morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> good morning. let me ask you about what is going to be in the news today. simpson-bowles is rolling out a new proposal, grand bargain, if you will. it includes a lot of new issues that you ran on essentially to defend, having to do with social security and medicare. so let me ask you this, and i know these are two important issues, particularly your constituency, it's an older population in your congressional district. what medicare reforms are you open to, and can you ever
6:17 am
envision the eligibility age to be raised on some consistent basis? >> well, certainly, let me just say this. medicare, social security are two of the most important programs in the history of this country, and i am dedicated to making sure that they are preserved and secure. i don't think the problem is per se medicare. i think the issue is the cost, the rising cost of healthcare. and i believe with the affordable care act and other measures that we can take, we need to try to control the cost of healthcare, and i think that's the way to go at it rather than basically people when they're oldest and sickest. >> i hear what you're saying, and yes, the reason medicare's rising is the different hospital costs, but don't you have to use medicare as a way to, shall we say encourage hospitals to save
6:18 am
money and not spend as much? >> well, if you take for example, the affordable healthcare act which has really not yet been implemented in full, there are strategies within that legislation which really takes healthcare in a more preventative way, more efficiency, keep people out of hospitals. i think that's what we should be looking at, ways to keep people out of hospitals, make medicine more efficient. >> on eligibility age when it comes to both social security and medicare why isn't it sort of the way -- cost of living is built into some of -- some government programs, including social security. why shouldn't there be, as we live longer, why shouldn't the age, eligibility age of social security raise, say, one year every 20 years? >> well, you know, and with all due respect, i think most people
6:19 am
who make those proposals are poem who actually have jobs or may have jobs that they feel secure about that they can keep until they're age 70. but if you look today and talk to any man or woman who's out of work today and they're in their 60s, they're not going to agree with you on that at all. >> no, i understand that. so how do you strike this balance? the fact is there are some -- can you split the difference here where blue collar folks that work that are more physical, physical jobs have one eligibility and they can essentially get on social security sooner. white collared jobs, less physically demanding jobs go later. can you have that kind of difference? >> it's very easy to make that kind of analysis when you have full employment. but if you take a 66-year-old man or a 67-year-old woman and you put them in a job market and they have to complete with 20-year-olds and 40-year-olds, i
6:20 am
think they have a real challenge on their hands. >> let me ask you about another issue that sort of bugs me in the state of florida, and that is this turnover in the state legislature. term limits, good or bad in the florida state legislature? >> well, i think there's some more problems in the florida legislature just than term limits. no, i've always been an opponent of term limits in that i believe that you take away choices from voters and i served in the state legislature actually before term limits and after when they put them into effect, and what's missing now is any kind of historic perspective. people who have tried certain ways, you have a lot inexperience right now. >> and how powerful did the lobbyists become when term limits kicked in? >> well, the lobbyists are there for 30 or 40 years, and you have basically, you have folks who become speaker of the house maybe even in their third term.
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>> that's an interesting perspective there. lois frankel, new member of congress but a veteran politics, particularly south florida politics, from boiten beach, florida when i have a lot of family. up next, house democrats are in, is it enough to win the house of 2013. spoiling letter, what republican bill boll is saying about an independent run for governor. this could end up being the biggest story of 2013. and former governor mark sanford. today's trivia question, what is the most populous u.s. city with only one syllable in its name. i'll give you a hint. it's not gnome, alaska. first person to tweet gets your on air shout-out. one syllable, folks, and it's not gnome, alaska. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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on our radar this morning, house democrats kick off the new year by outraising the republican foes. china denies any responsibility for major computer hackings here in the united states. but first, virginia's lieutenant governor bill bolling who said by march 14th he'll announce if he'll run as governor, dropped more hints yesterday while talking to a radio show. >> well, i think it's 50/50, john. i said when we went into this process that there were three questions i had to answer. first is is there a realistic opening in this campaign for a credible independent candidate, and would i be viewed as a credible independent candidate. we've answered that question. there clearly is an opening in this campaign for a credible independent candidate, and i think all of the evidence that we've seen indicate that i would
6:26 am
be viewed as a credible independent candidate. >> folks, this is about money. can he find the money? >> bolling had started a bid running as a republican, but opted out of the race when -- instead of having a primary. bolling has been making a lot of noises criticizing his own governor, bob o'donnell. this is a serious threat to both parties. will be a huge, huge story in 2013. the democratic grishl campaign committee is off to a start outraising his republican counterpart. the dcccent the month with $4.6 million in the bank. the debt is hanging over the head of both sides. $12.6 million for democrats. republican, democrats did a lot of obama fund-raising and
6:27 am
goodbye hillary clinton fund-raisi fund-raising. republicans struggled with some news on that front in order to raise money. it was a tough month for republicans to raise month. a u.s. security company is blaming china for 141 cases of computer hacking. a security firm says it's traced the hacking to one specific chiens building in shanghai's pudong district. china says their government does not engage in computer hacking. sure you do. up next, cuts and consequences. while president obama brings out the bully pulpit, we're bringing out some big guns. >> wake up. emotion, fear, guilt, ray schism, and all the crap that goes with this and use your brain. >> alan simpson moments ago, not holding back on what believes needs to be fix the country's retirement problems.
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in just about an hour, president obama will deliver remarks at the white house about the billions of dollars in automatic budget cuts set to kick in next week, using the bully pulpit. joining me now, washington bureau cheer, john stan, political southeastern writer, maggie haberman based here in new york. and bush campaign adviser. welcome all. >> good morning. >> maggie, when i saw the advisory, the president who's be surrounded by emergency workers, i have seen a vision of what the next six weeks are going to look like. >> well, and as you all say in first read this morning, right, this is all about the bully
6:32 am
pulpit, this is all about we can't get much else done beyond the visuals here. we could use military families, we could use other types of families. there is an endless array of people who they can point to as the real faces of who will be hurt by this. congress is on break this week. there's not much they could even do to combat this if they wanted to. this is one of the powers of the presidency. >> john, you know this congress well. but it seeps like everybody's brave about this because they know that the water's not deep because of what happens on march 27th. is that what we're looking at here? march is going to be let's see howd. >> the reality is it's not like a government shutdown or fiscal cliff where there is this immediate problem. >> they won't feel it right now. >> no. especially if you have military facilitates in your district, you're much more likely to say i
6:33 am
don't really care about this. i'm not going to see a lot of jobs lost, and i think a lot of members are looking at it like that, and saying unless this starts to bite my constituents, i don't care. >> the president has the upper hand in fiscal cliff because if they did nothing, pataxes went on everybody. this time, he may have the approval, but can we get lower? >> republicans are going to lose. i agree with both points. this is what the white house is trying to do. the average is person is i don't know what sequester means. >> i try to have a rule, don't say the s word. and what republicans are breaking, is whether or not the american people wake up one day and say, i finally get this, i'm going to blame the republicans. i have a sneaky suspicion that the average american is not going to blame republicans.
6:34 am
they're going to say those bums in congress. >> is it going to take wall street? if wall street tanks, which some people think can happen. >> yes, i think that is the closest one you can see. as john said, there is no immediate impact that people feel. we've heard a lot of things that might or might not be happening. as we've seen with these kind of rolling calamities going on, there is no -- >> if there's a hot flash in the middle east and if we can't move troops or something like that immediately, that's when america will say, well, wait a moment. that needs to happen. >> or natural disaster like sandy or a tornado. that seems to be where that could be effective, and fema could be a big lobbying force here. >> that or if the north koreans
6:35 am
decide to have a nuclear test. but it's going to be -- and i don't think either side really expects it, and also americans are looking at us in washington and keep saying, the end of the world is coming, let's see see what happens. >> we've got some interesting poll questions to test that theory. i'm going to sneak in a break. we got the dancers here, the debt dancers, simpson and bowles coming up. we'll talk about the aphtha. they're getting miked up. they'll be here with us in just a few minutes. details of their new plan for the country's financial problems. but first, you wanted to know it. white house soup of the day is loaded potato. don't forget to check out our website, run down on , sweaty hockey gear, and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas.
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we're still messing around with mike issues with our friends simpson and bowles. we're a fully transparent organization here. we will tell everybody, you can come into our country club here and find out what's going on. >> wow. >> robert, look, we do know some highlights of the simpson-bowles plan. what's fascinating to me is yes, they're coming off the lectern both sides. that sounds like what the president could support. than where congressional republicans are drawing the line now. my point is, will any republican sign onto this plan? there were some that wanted to sign onto bowles-simpson. >> i think privately there are a couple that would. i think you'll have some moderates in the senate. i think mitch mcconnell is
6:40 am
someone who would support quietly. >> and maggie, i can hear the white house saying it behind the scenes now, the president can't support it. if he touches it, we don't want to ruin it, we want make a compromise. >> lk at the immigration plan. >> sure. guns wouldn't be anywhere without the president. >> it becomes a very easy way to not expend too much capital. i do think that it's hard for me to see a lot of house members openly supporting this, and without this, i think it's hard for the president to. >> a part of this plan has to do is raising eligibility ages on social security and medicare. >> this plan has always been sort of this thing that everyone likes to talk about how awesome it is, how amazing these guys are. >> everybody's for it, nobody supports it. >> right. during the state of the union when the president sort of name-checked it, and a random
6:41 am
group of people were clapping. it's a nice straw man for white house to have out there. >> it called for this and that there was this whole, nobody if they looked at the details could find a way to support it. >> and that becomes, as you say, this is everybody's favorite straw man. that becomes the way to dance around it. >> speaking of dancing, you guys get to be listeners here, here they are, simpson and bowles. so they're back. a new plan better than ever. you probably heard us going through this. it's the duo that everybody claims to favor and nobody supports. it's amazing how popular you are and yet you can't get anybody to buy a doughnut from you. erskine, let me start with you, give me the elevator pitch for this new plan, 2.5 trillion
6:42 am
dollars deficit reduction. >> it's 2.4 trillion dollars. it's over a -- one quarter from healthcare benefit cuts, and the rest of it comes from other mandatory cuts, discretionary cuts and some form of government reform and interest. we think it's really necessary. we think it's enough to stabilize the debt below 70% of gdp and keep it on a downward path. it's going to push both sides to make compromises, republicans on res revenue, the democrats on healthcare. it's something we have to do about reducing the deficit. >> alan simpson, how many lawmakers have told you privately they support but publicly they can't come out? >> during our eight months of work back in 2010, we would have people come up to us with their button on, they knew they were in congress, saying save us from
6:43 am
ourselves. how's that for a switch? i have no idea. all i can tell you is erskine and i stay in it. we're stubborn, we're very savvy and clever of course. they can scoff all they want, but either forget the fact you're a democrat or republican and get to be an american and get cracking. >> erskine, do you need the president to support this? you probably heard us having this conversation. the white house in the post-on simpson-bowles was he can't get too far out there because the more he puts his own name on it, the more it'll scare away republicans. is there spin or truth? >> there's absolute truth to it, but leaders have to lead. we need him out front. he's got his big mega-phone. i think he supports a framework in any case, so he might as well step up and get behind it.
6:44 am
we're going to have his support and the support of the republican leadership in congress. the truth is both camps have got to get out of our comfort zone and make the tough decisions. >> alan on the issue of taxes, you guys are calling for an additional tax revenue, you've heard said president got his taxes. they can't support anymore with taxes. you guys call for doing it out of tax reform. what's your pitch to your fellow republicans? >> you just tell them, we're not talking about a tax increase. we're talking about going into a system that has over $1 trillion of what's called tax expenditures. it means spending by any other name. go dig into that. start pulling that stuff out. you don't need to do a tax increase so that you irritate and get the bile of up grover norquist and all his minions.
6:45 am
>> we're basically saying that over the next ten years you've got about 13 trillion, trillion dollars worth of money that's going into these tax expenditures and we're saying use something like 500 billion dollars of that amount to reduce the deficit. i don't think that's asking for a lot. >> erskine, did you guys look at this issue. you heard denis mcdonough over the weekend talk about raising the eligibility of maked. he said it's not a cost-saver, it's a cost-shifter. did you guys look at this and determine and look at that critique because that has been the main critique from the left. >> what we think is we've got to get serious about bending the healthcare costs, and to get serious, one of the things you have to focus on is the aging of the population. >> if you can't figure out with ten,000 people a day turning 65, if you can't figure out that the social security system is $900 billion cash negative right now, if you can't figure out if you don't do something with
6:46 am
healthcare, it's on automatic pilot and keep stumbling around with well, this was this, let me tell you, there was 16 people paying into social security when i was a freshman at the university wyoming. just two years there will be two people paying in. it can't work. it can't succeed. it's on a demographic and it's impossible. >> i understand that. i just had a member of congress on, and from of all places, palm beach county, west palm beach. this is the demographic that is very hypersensitive to any changes in medicare and social security. and her big complaint was this issue of, well, what do you say to those folks that don't have a comfort of a pension, that don't have a good job that they can get employed at all the way through the age of 70, say, how
6:47 am
do you deal with that? and the larger question i have is how do you deal with the person that works with their hands versus the person that sits at a desk. >> it's all in there. >> what we do is we raise the retirement age on social security. one year, 40 years from now, in one more year 65 years from now. that was to give people a chance. >> say that again. >> we raise it one year 40 years from now. >> 40 years from now, okay. >> and one more year 65 more years from now. and even with that, we give the 20% of americans who have these back-breaking jobs, we have a hardship provision in there so they can get it earlier. so we took that into account. that's not something people have to worry about. alan simpson -- go ahead. sorry. >> i always say to people, before you begin to drool at the mouth and go crazy and scratch our eyeballs out, read the damn
6:48 am
report. it was 67 pages. we put it in december 1st, 2010, and people said, what are you doing to the vulnerable? i said read it. we don't do anything to people on ssi, we don't do anything with food stamps, anything with people on unemployment. use your bean instead of listening to crap all day long from the right and the left. >> that is fitting last words that i will leave it there. have you guys tried the harlem shake, by the way, alan simpson? i know you're gangnam style. >> we never heard of the harlem shake. >> erskine, boths, alan simpson, thank you. >> all right, guys. he delivered. i felt like alan was -- >> there's a lot of truth. >> was he going to come with one of his zingers. >> he came with a few.
6:49 am
>> again, robert, it seems easy. this doesn't seem that hard. you can see how this is. i think we're in a media culture where it's impossible to sell compromise as victory. somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. we are part of this issue. >> that's augmented by the left wing and right wing media. >> there are winners and losers. >> and there's no sense of being in the middle. there's no sense of compromise because if in fact you compromise, you're weak. you're relenting on your principles. >> high tower rule, only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines. >> there are no consequences. the world is going to end, it never ends. what is the consequence? you've got these partisan districts where incumbents are pretty safe. they're impetus is getting re-elected. >> when hard right republicans say i'm listening to yi
6:50 am
constituents and this is what you're saying, they're right. same thing on the left. >> and lois frankel's constituents would throw her out of office if she did. >> members used to not go home all the time. they used to think, well, my constituents may -- >> they truly thought it was a republic, it was a representative democracy, cost my vote for me. stick around. we're going to talk about senate trierm retirements. trivia. what is the most populous u.s. city with only one syllable in its name. the answer is kent, washington. sorry, flint folks, and congratulations today's winner, i ate d.c., i think he means i hate d.c. be right back.
6:51 am
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it was four years ago that mark sanford was the governor of south carolina. head of the republican governors association and a serious potential candidate for president. is he a front hs runner in a 16-person primary in the open seat in south carolina? maybe. now sanford is addressing the scandal that sort of chased him out of politics head-on. >> the reality of our lives is if we live long enough, we will fail at something. i absolutely failed at my personal life and my marriage. one place i never ever failed was with the taxpayer. >> but did use taxpayer dollars to cover up that affair.
6:55 am
he sort of disputed he ever admitted any knit there. maggie, as you correctly pointed out, mark sanford going against stephen coburn's sister. it's like christmas come early for this world. i just don't know if he can get through a republican primary in south carolina. >> he clearly doesn't know if he can either. you guys discussed this this morning, about there is clearly polling showing this is an issue for him. how could it not be? >> you wouldn't mention it if you didn't. >> you wouldn't go on a tour like this. >> he went onset. that is the difference. goes onset and we know a warmer atmosphere, doesn't want to get attacked. a very clever pr strategy. >> it is but not ending it with one interview and what by point to forever. he knows he has to keep addressing this. it's south carolina. it's a heavily republican district.
6:56 am
a lot of people who are very conservative, social conservatives who are not going to say, well, that's great. you made a point that is very interesting. imto interrupt you. i didn't realize him and the mistress are married or about to marry. >> it does matter to people. yes, he had an affair but there is sort of that maybe he just fell in love with somebody else. there is some people that will forgive him. >> another piece to this. he appears to be very sincere. he appears to be very -- well -- >> hard to imagine he is not. he married the woman. i'm sorry. i think sometimes you have to take people at their word. >> you're exactly right but in terms of how he expresses. i remember when he came out two years ago with this. he kept saying over and over again how sorry he was and his heart and the whole nine yards. i think a lot of christian conservatives and could say we never forgive the sin but forgive the sinner. >> christians in the south, i think baptist are very willing to let a lot of these things go.
6:57 am
look at david vitter. we all thought when that happened he would never come back or newt gingrich. >> i wouldn't use him. >> if you admit your failings and your sin. again, i go back. because he married the other woman, i'd say -- that is big and that helps a lot. shameless plugs. i'll let you go last and we have a reason. >> me first? here in new york city you have to go to -- i think i'm going to do it this evening. >> fair enough. >> i got a plug. new york, which you said i'm ashamed to be a part of it in than just about brooklyn flea on the weekend is great. >> and you go last. brooklyn boy. >> this weekend in washington the pump it up festival which is a big thing. >> people forget about washington. the capital of punk and always was. >> always a big thing going on. go see pictures. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye.
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